How to Email Someone You Met at a Networking Event?

We’ve all been there. You meet someone intriguing at a networking event, you exchange business cards and promise to connect, but now you’re wondering how to email someone you met at a networking event. Don’t fret! Let’s unlock the secrets to nailing that first email, and maybe toss in a few jokes along the way.

Setting the Stage: Timing is Everything

First things first: when should you send that email? The golden rule is to strike while the iron is hot. Ideally, within 24 to 48 hours of your meeting. This ensures that the memory is still fresh and makes your initiative stand out.

If it’s been more than a week, don’t despair! It’s never too late. Just acknowledge the delay in your message, maybe blame it on being swamped with work (or that fleeting Netflix binge — just kidding!).

The key is to convey enthusiasm without seeming desperate. Remember, networking is a lot like dating: play it cool, but show genuine interest.

Subject Line: First Impressions Matter

If the email body is the main course, the subject line is the appetizer. It needs to be engaging enough to ensure they click on it. Your best bet? Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Mentioning the event or a specific topic you discussed can be a great touch.

Some effective examples might include “Great meeting you at [Event Name]!” or “Following up from our chat about [Topic]”. This provides context and feels personal, upping the chances of them reading on.

And hey, if you shared a light-hearted moment or inside joke during the event, incorporating that into the subject can be a winning strategy!

Body: Crafting the Perfect Message

Now, onto the pièce de résistance: the email body. Here’s where you need to be sincere, concise, and clear.

Start with a warm greeting, acknowledging where you met. The middle should remind them of the conversation’s highlights, possibly including how you can collaborate or help each other. Conclude with a clear call-to-action, like setting up a meeting or call.

And always, always personalize it. Nobody likes a generic, one-size-fits-all email. If they mentioned a recent achievement or upcoming project, refer to it. Show that you were listening and genuinely interested in what they had to say.

Throw in a pinch of humor if it feels right — remember that shared chuckle over coffee? It could be your secret weapon here.

Email Blueprint: Quick Glance
TimingWithin 24-48 hours
Subject LineEngaging and Contextual
BodySincere, Concise, Personalized
ConclusionClear Call-to-Action
Pro Tip: Attachments can be tricky. If you promised to send them something, do it. If not, refrain from adding unnecessary attachments in your first email. You don’t want to end up in the spam folder or come across as overly aggressive.

In conclusion, while the thought of reaching out after a networking event might feel intimidating, it’s all about being genuine, timely, and personal. And hey, if you ever feel unsure, just imagine you’re writing to a new friend. After all, isn’t networking just making friends in the business world?

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